“Yulin Festival” : A Feast Where Dogs Meat is Served

Dogs in a cage for sale at a market in Yulin city, southern China’s Guangxi province, 21 June 2016 EPA

Yulin is a Dog meat festival that takes place every year in the Guangxi province of China. This festival is also called as “Lychee and Dog meat festival” celebrated for 10 days annually. For the first time Yulin festival was celebrated in the year 2009, June to mark Summer solstice. According to the ancient Chinese tradition eating dogs meat during peak summer time will help in improving sexual performance, wade off all diseases. Nearly 10,000 cats and dogs will be butchered in meat shops during Yulin festival.

However many people from across the world condemns this festival calling those who kill dogs as “Barbarians”. Animal activists around the world are organising several programmes and calling on Chinese to stop this barbarous act. But Chinese doesn’t pay any attention to these words and few call even Westerners as ruthless people because they kill Cow for meat, which helps in tilling land in Agriculture. Even Chinese government support this practice and doesn’t prohibit it with any strict legislations. To the contrary it promoted the tradition of eating dogs, during cultural revolution in China where having dogs as pets is prohibited.Chinese see this is an ancient practice of theirs and says that they need to preserve and further their own tradition and culture.

However there was a change in attitude among the modern and educated youth of China towards this festival. They are supporting to the ban on this festival and promoting it on several social media sites.