World’s rarest marine mammal Vaquita may go extinct in a year

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The World is first full of many species it may be Biotic or Abiotic species. These are the one that which are helping u till now to survive on this earth, or else we must be the first to become extinct on the earth. we must be thankful for the great creation of these like species and we must guard them against extinction. At present many of the species got extinct and still, some of the species are guarding us. Every year the IUCN RED LIST describes the endangered species and that are going to be extinct.

This is now discussed because the World’s rarest marine mammal is going to be extinct in one year which is known as panda of the sea. Only 30 individuals are alive today, it is named as vaquita porpoise is endemic to the upper gulf of California. Unsustainable fishing practices and illegal trading by introducing the endangered species and endemic to this region, the Totoaba, created a great plummet of the vaquita population. Listed as the most endangered species in the world these species are killed in gillnets which are banned in 2015. Yet, again the witness of illegal wildlife trade can be seen.

The WWF said that an immediate and permanent efforts to make a ban on gillnets in order to protect the vaquita from extinction. 60 years ago these were in many in number and us humans destroyed these and we must be the guard for this less amount present right now.

As a superior and big brother to all the species on this earth, we must be responsible for their presence and must not be the reason for their death. If they are present all the ecosystem cycle and the human cycle will be in a perfect way. Each and every organism has its own duty on this earth, has a reason for creation. So, guard them and protect them from extinction. Our future generations must have to talk about the rarest marine mammal on the earth.