Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is the universal issue that is happening around the globe. But technology and globalization are helping to reduce women empowerment. ‘Delivering multiple talents in a day’ this is what women are. Respecting women is the 1st priority in India. Indians believe women are goddess here. However people of society ignored the women. This lead to the large number of inequality, financial disability in the mind set of people who are in the society. Few centuries women are lead under the restrictions at home.

Economic development can be done mostly by the recruiting women in the service sector. Reservations of the women in the parliament and in other streams can be done for supporting this. Each and every element now a days done by the women that was done by a man. This was the greatest achievement around the global world today. Some places women are recruited in workshops also, the great example for this is Sudha Murthy.

In some areas still most women are treated as slaves of the society. They don’t allow their girl child to come out of their homes. They wont even allow them to lift there head and walk. This was thought as the very bad thing in those areas. This was mainly seen in uneducated areas, like slums etc…

Lets raise some voice and make them educated by that they may change.