When do you need to finally rest ?

It is a common trait in every one of us to brag about the little work that we do and claim it to be the hercelous one. We always take excuses to skip our work, lay back on a comforting couch, watch never ending list of movies/Tv Series and eat junk food to fatten ourselves to the dumbest levels. Paradoxically we take more rest than we do any work in our entire lifetime on the face of this planet.

We treat reading an academic book to attain grades and degrees is work. While at the same time we view reading a fiction book or a comic, magazine will relieve us from our work pressure and soothes our brain. This very view of our’s is leading us into the dead trap, which we are fully unaware of. We must realise the truth that reading a book is not just for representing it on the answer sheet in an examination. It’s goal is much bigger than that, it should be regarded as another fighting tool that we have mastered and added it to our arsenal. We should equip ourselves with whatever we can because there are no bounds for us on this planet. We draw artificial perimeter around us and thinks it to be the boundaries of our capabilities. We ourselves suppress our own skills,talents and present ourselves to be the dwarfs in society.

“We shall attain rest only when our soul achieves immortality”, our body maybe me mortal but that doesn’t apply the same to our soul. Rest is something that we always crave for and that will be a false ambition for a person who wants to get revered in history. We need to see and ensure that every work that we do is for greater good. Never and ever think that you are doing some work, it will halt you from realising true potential of your’s. The day when you stepped into this planet, you entered a war that ceases to exist with your leave from this Earth. Finally a true warrior will fight all days long whatever the consequences maybe and takes rest only when he is buried in the ground. So be a brave and true warrior and count your days for victory but not for your death.