Wheel street to ride on Hyderabad roads…

Hyderabad, known for its fast, not only in development but also in means of Youths interests. Each and every person in Hyderabad shows passion towards something and this time towards Bike riding. Known to all that bike riding is one of the most known skills to Hyderabad youth. The youth rides the bike like a professional rider, even he may be a college student. Encashing this passion the Bangalore-based startup known as WHEEL STREETS, launched in Hyderabad recently and known as the 1st bike renting startup in India. Like Zoom cars this is the one which has attracted much Youth in Hyderabad. They are charging as low as Rs9-Rs 85 per hour as per the type of bike we choose.

This startup has developed a mobile friendly app and at any time you can have the ride with just a click away from it and book your bike and time and have a crazy ride. They arrange costly bikes like Royal En field, Duke, R15 etc, in many numbers and even scooty for girls is also present. This was started by 3 young people named as Moksha Srivastava, Pranay Srivastava, Mritunjay Kumar. This is an idea making them huge hit and bringing more youthNowadays youth are using this app very frequently and having good rides on

According to the sources it is becoming popular as the Hyderabadi youth are using this app very frequentlyon Hyderabad roads. But the thing to be remembered by any youth is to ride safely, enjoyment is important but the people who are thinking about you all the day is much more important.