WhatsApp got its new features in stable Builds…

The most famous social media i.e WhatsApp is rolling its way into new trends like that of Facebook messenger. The starting point of WhatsApp is very interesting that it has created its own trendset among netizens that many of us are using it at very high pace. Such a good and quality video and audio calling is its important potent to withstand with other social media sites. Recently WhatsApp introduced the status feature in its app that video and images can be added for 24hrs of visibility.

Now WhatsApp had rolled out its new two features i.e support for picture-in-picture and ability to have text as status message. These features are going to be in Android and iPhone clients. The first feature i.e picture-in-picture allows users to resize the screen during video call and roll it anywhere in screen and can chat with another one. Over the months many apps introduced this feature that gave heavy boosting and productivity. Apple’s recent iPhone too support this functionality. The second feature is having text as status message which priory had only video and image status. This is also pertained to 24hrs visibility. This has adding point like background colour and font for changing text etc..

However thede features are available on new Android and iPhone updated mobiles and hope this is doing well as it is available on stable build of WhatsApp and now on latest builds. WhatsApp ki adding such new variations in its app that gives the app a boost in social media world. As of now WhatsApp is growing in its way and now this may add hype than that of Facebook as FB got somewhat old in usage.