What do you need to Buy, a 32-Bit or 64-Bit Smartphone ?

It is a common practice for all of us to vex only certain features of a Smartphone like Camera, RAM, Android Version and most importantly Camera specs, while purchasing it. But we fail to note the most important part, that really matters in the performance of a Smartphone, whether it maybe an Android or iOS phone. That vital part was the processor of a phone.

Today’s Smartphones are mostly equipped with the 32-Bit processors as they are traditional ones. But soon they are going to be outdated as the markets are being swayed with the new 64-Bit Android Smartphones.

The principal advantage of a 64-Bit Android phone is that it can support a RAM more than 4 GB, which is going to be a basic one in future. On the other hand 32-Bit processor phones were designed only to support a RAM upto 4GB. This limitation may act as a hurdle in the coming days as new apps may consume more RAM and in its absence it may result in sluggish performance.

Similarly 64-Bit processors were upgraded to ARMv8 architecture from conventional ARMv8 architectures. As a result 64-Bit processor phones will consume less energy and enhances the performance of a phone, it will also be more responsive since it takes less time to process the given commands.

The third advantage of a 64-Bit processor phones is that, apps that were designed for 32-Bit platform can run even in 64-Bit. While the same cannot happen in the case of 32-Bit phones, where 64-Bit apps can run only in 64-Bit phones. So be choosy while purchasing a new phone from now onwards and pay attention to the above parameter, if you feel the need to stay updated with the latest the tech that is available in the market.