Web series to clear misconceptions about transgenders

Transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned with at birth.
With almost half a million Indians identifying themselves as trans genders, isn’t it a pity that we have little or no knowledge about them. This lack of knowledge is what leads to discrimination,contempt,and in some extreme cases. Because of lack of knowledge they were not able to do some certified jobs and remained as daily labour, and some are begging on roads.
To remove false ideas ,myths and nations surrounding the transgender community. All the transgenders have taken initiative  and started a YouTube channel named “TRANSVISION”.  Web series has started and it consists of 8 episodes.

Spreading awareness Rachana Mudraboin a | Photo Credit: K.V.S. GIRI

Rachana mudhraboyina a transgender activist from Hyderabad conceived the idea, and she is also the director and writer of this web series.”We start  earning with aa..eee.. Or A..B..C..D.. in the same manner we are starting the season, with basic information about transgender persons, like who is a transgender person. We attempt to clear doubts people have about the community” as Rachana told.

Transvision is doing just that educating  the community by starting with the basics and answering questions like – who are transgenders? Is it a mental disorder Have you undergone a sex Change operation? What are the drastic situation transgenders are facing in the society ?
While giving accurate scientific information and guide lines,Transvision’s first series will also highlights the historical, socio-cultural and anthropological background of the transgender community. And here in Hyderabad September 10 queen campus is going held in Hitex city the main purpose of this meeting is to show support and helping them to outcome of various stages, bullying , assaults, black mail cases on the LGBT people … This time the committee strongly decided that help and join the more hands for the transgender community…