“Warli” a living Tribal art form in Maharashtra!

Warli is a tribe dwelling in the forest areas of adjacent parts of Maharashtra. They practice an ancient art form even to this day carrying on the same spirit and inspiring artistic sense. They proudly state is their greatest asset, which had been passed on from one generation to the other.
The Warli paintings are primarily concerned with the lifestyle of Warli tribe and also centered around the beauty of nature. The surprising fact here is that this was not just a mere painting but was used as a medium of communication between the members of Warli Tribe in ancient days. Many consider these paintings to be analogous with the ancient paintings of Bhimbetka caves of Madhya Pradesh.

Unlike the Modern day paintings only three geometrical figures namely Triangle, Square and Circles are used in Warli Paintings. Though they had a limited tools to paint, Warli paintings signify the greatest degree of aesthetic sensibility of artisans belonging to Warli Tribe.These paintings were drawn in white colour against the backdrop of a red wall. In the initial days these paintings were used to be made only on the walls of houses. However in the recent past, many efforts had been made to switch to other means for longer durability and mobility.

‘Jivya Soma Mashe’ a Padma Shree awardee is considered to be the pioneer of Warli paintings at international stage. Globally too these paintings had drawn the attention of many great painters. Jivya belongs to Warli tribe. He lost his mother during his childhood itself. As a result he went into a state of trauma for several days. After that he started draw the paintings in the mud conveying his feelings and finally today he is admired as a great painter by many people and legacy carrier.