Ultra thin space craft for vanishing space junk…

Graphic depiction of the Brane Craft concept
Credits: Joseph Hidalgo, The Aerospace Corporation

Scientists are developing a special space craft that can vanish space junk that which create potential threat for astronauts. Today nearly lakhs of junk is stored in space and all of us are thinking how to remove it. The time has come and now the US based Aerospace Company is developing the Brane Craft for destroying the space junk by which it grab the junk and brings to atomsphere and burn it. The speciality of this craft is the thickness of this craft is less than half thickness of human hair.

Many astronauts faced problem of space junk and even many space projects has got failed because of this coordinates that make it fail. All the leading space companies trying to destroy the space junk and hope this will be successful. This space craft is funded by NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Programme, which focuses on space research. In this craft if one system got damaged the other works and it is the reason why it will be successful in future. It has bullet proof plate that withstand the objects in space junk.

This type of projects bring the technology for space very near. Such way of approach for developing the country’s space technology. India may also support for such innovations that help our youth to be in same path. Really the space junk is heavy problem that is faced by all space scientists. Hope their waiting came to end and NASA is leading space research organisation for such a reason that encourages the innovations.