UDO for anything that makes you feel good…

Did you get doubt that what if my flight has gone missed which is a business class? And what if I missed my Job interview today? many of us face many problems daily in our life. Frankly speaking the problems also a part of our routine life. We don’t act correctly in solving the problems and feel tense and make mistakes. Now this problem will be minimised by the Hyderabad based app maker Teja Gudluru, the brainchild behind the app UDO, which is a digital solution platform for many problems.

When we are at crossroads of our life we doesn’t know what to do and what is our situation. Then many people suggest like hero’s and make us more frustrated. For such problems the UDO is correct platform for finding solutions. In short , UDO is online platform for communication between the experts who had problems and the one who already faced problem. It is processed by payment mechanism, on paying the solution is derived. The users can get solutions from Visa interview to wealth management to fashion tips and cookery. An option enables you to chose the location from where you can seek help and a tab helps you categorize an experts experience too.

Having worked in scenarios where chat-bots tried to do this job and failed, Teja sought to come up with a digital tool that doesn’t compromise on human interaction. The UDO works in a way that if your can comes to fail or you flight got missed and you don’t know what to do and the experts in UDO give you another perspective for it. “UDO is not place where users get problems got solved but they can also earn more money by taking help of our experts” , by Teja. Any great apps or doings are started with bitter experiences, and such experience was happened in Teja life where he doesn’t cope up with the conference he want to held in Hong Kong. After all the Hullabaloo he realised that this situation must not arise for anyone and then he started the works for the UDO app development. Forty five days into its functioning, UDO already has on board 300 experts and boasts of 9000 downloads on Google play store.

UDO is now looking to enhance its pace to multiple avenues. In having talks with government the founders are thinking to help farmers fro reducing their suicides and he’ll for better performance and also trying to spread its wings into corporate sector in giving solution to problems on skill development. “Our ultimate aim is to give its great choice to users”, Teja signs off. Such apps help people in choosing the correct steps and have a happy life. All governments and even people must encourage such apps and likewise usage must be at good level. Many people don’t know how to cope up with situations and end their life in frustration and some with suicides and some with silence. All the best for UDO team and hope people will use it and lead a successful track in choosing decisions.