TSRTC doing its best for the safety of people…

Photo for reference only. Photo Credits: P.V. Sivakumar

Never seen such an initiative by any government that introducing bus services at ultimate level just for safety of People. But Telangana government and its bus service TSRTC is leading its service now a days by introducing many buses and trips to various areas in the city just for tackling traffic issues and now it is for safety of People in the city at late night hours. As Hyderabad is the cultural city many people make their way to home at late nights and many prefer buses at that time and so there are no enough buses for transport at late hours. On taking the compliants form people the TSRTC is now having new services and trips to peripheral of city areas.

Helping people in all means is difficult but the TSRTC from past few days maintainig transparency between them and people. For taking people safely to their home is the job of the employees and people also must co-operate with the officials in adjusting with the trips. Introduction of metro rail will be from November and after that the Hyderabad people enjoy the world class travelling. Till then TSRTC is the pillar for the people in late night hours. Already the service are provided by the government at late hours in the city and is not sufficient because of increase in people stay in city at late hours. TSRTC introduced new 93trips for people in city after 9pm and it will help them to travel in city.

Introduction of bus shelters in the city and also innovative buses that are going to start in city are really very good sign for development of the city. Peoples feedback is good about such initiatives and no doubt that these new trips for late hours in city also decrease the risks for women and other people to roam in the city. Recent report that Hyderabad is safer place for women in India will be same in coming future too because of such works. Thanks to TSRTC for taking care of city and its safety and increasing trust towards government services.