Tough journey of a great fighter!

Anyone who reaches the pinnacle of their will life will always have the hardest sail one could ever imagine of. Whatever the stream maybe, only lots of sweat and blood alone can fetch the ultimate satisfaction, name and glory. Within this category itself falls the name of “Agha Khan” who recently made his way into one of India’s 1st ever startup reality show i.e, MTV Dropout.

“MTV dropout” is a reality show anchored by Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman along with some of the successful entrepreneurs in India namely- Alok Kejriwal, Sandeep Agarwal, Isha. This show aims at imparting entrepreneurial qualities into a person by providing him with real life experiences.

Agha Khan hails from a remote village in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, completed his B.Tech (Computer science) from one of the engineering colleges in Hyderabad. Once while touring Hyderabad he visited a gaming plaza and grew immense passion on gaming. Slowly he turned his passion into his profession and slowly began to work as a game tester. Soon he started to develop his own games along with some his friends. However he failed to market his own game and was forced to shut that project.

Life is full of uncertainties filled with sorrows and grief along the journey. Agha after completing his B.Tech was forced by certain circumstances to work on agriculture field as a farmer. Agha’s father suffered with Bipolar disorder, and his entire family suffered against the derogatory remarks made by local villagers , who used to call Agha as “Pagal ka bacha”. At first he lost his sister who committed suicide and later he lost his father. He withstood all these sufferings and supported his mother.

Finally he gave his interview for MTV dropout selections and mesmerised the judges with his sheer dedication, sharp answers conveying his aspirations for fulfilling big goals in his life. He got selected and going to participate in that show. It was really a proud moment for him and his family who proved his worth and gave a strong reply to all those who raised fingers against him.