The place for parents and grand parents

Walk for wrinkled smiles program today aasya foundation to build an orphanages and Old age homes. It is good way but it is good for only who won’t have children. As who are suffering from old age and some economic reasons like homeless, lack of sufficient money for food and medicine. Unlike in western culture their government all the basic needs for there old citizens with benefits, but in our country government is providing only 20% of support for which is not sufficient to survive recent modi’s government had bring programme on the process of helping of them. Having few old-age homes are good. Having more old-age homes is not correct thing. Once think about it and we should treat our parents as a god they sacrificed all the luxuries for the their children. Recently Assam government have given a notice, that employees will face a 10% cut in their monthly salary if they don’t take care of their parents and siblings. It is correct, like this our India should be followed and treat parents lovely instead of joining them in old-age homes.

Be a part of aasya old age home construction! A beautiful place for grandmothers and grandfathers! Every woman is a mother Every man is a father. We cannot payback for their love throughout our life. We know how great it is. But, why don’t we show love to those who lack it. There are some who need love and care and to those who are abandoned. Lets build up brick by brick & strengthen the foundation for an oldage home & create a safe haven for them. Its ok for the parents who are orphans it is a good idea but only for some extent because Indian culture and traditional are different from the others counties where we live in a patriarchy society as elder male was the head of our family they are about 25% of old homes in India. children are feeling that their parents are burden to them who sacrificed their life for them.

So guys please think out of the box and respect your parents.