THE MUMMY-Final Trailer

The mummy, an upcoming American action-adventure horror movie which is going to be released on 9th of June 2017. This movie is a reboot of ‘THE MUMMY’ Franchise. The Mummy franchise is registered its name in the history of biggest block blaster movie in Hollywood. Either children or adults, everyone is a fan of this franchise.

By watching the trailer of movie it rush Hormones in very speed. The casting of the film is TOM CRUISE, SOFIA BOUTELLA, ANNABELLE WALLIS, JAKE JOHNSON, COURTNEY B.VANCE and RUSSELL CROWE. Most of the female fans hormones rush for the name of TOM CRUISE. People are waiting for this movie for a very long time. What magic it creates, we will wait for 9th June. It will release in all format 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D. The Mummy budget is about $125 million. It was filmed in Oxford, United Kingdom and also Surrey and Namibia.

Now, we just wish for the movie that the director Alex Kurtzman creates same or more magic than its franchise movies, and just we will say WOAAAAOOO……