The mountaineer who could not return…!

Photo from Facebook account

Ravi Kumar is a young, 27-year-old mountaineer from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. He proved his mettle by successfully climbing 8848 feet tall World’s highest peak, Mount Everest, but sadly could not return after tasting success to share his heroic experiences with us.

He went missing on Saturday and upon hearing this news, his family, friends and well-wishers were nurturing the hope that he would return. But all the hopes were laid to rest when the Liaison Officer deputed at Mount Everest had confirmed of spotting the body of Ravi Kumar said Dinesh Bhattarai, Director General of Department of Tourism.

Ravi’s father wrote to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh requesting to find his son. Ravi was among the 4 others who went to the summit, but none of them have survived. It’s been learnt that Ravi went missing from a point called ‘Balcony’ which happens to be the final resting place before ascending the mountain. He fell from Balcony down some 150-200meters and lost the contact. The chances of his survival were getting bleaker with the elapsing of time. His return would not have been less than a miracle in this horrific climate conditions. Ravi’s guide Tshering Sherpa had also indicated the same after his missing.

The Nepal Government gave the imprimatur to 371 members in this current season for climbing the world’s highest peak. With Ravi, the death toll reached to five in this season. Others who were on this mission were an American, an Australian, a Slovakian and one more person.

India pays homage to this brave heart. The man at this young age with his sheer determination and audacity made it to the apogee of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest. Our condolences and strength to the family in this hour of grief.