Terror on its own way to Manchester…

The fear and insecure feeling for all the countries in 20th century is Terrorism, the one that had great wings and can spread to any part of the world. There are separate training centers for them and always they have the plans of showing their domination by killing many innocent people around the world. There are different organizations that are promoting this at early years Al-Qaida is one among them and now it is ISIS. The one that had killed many people in all nations just to show their existence and India individually faced many attacks and at now also there is a threat at any time, just all the time the feeling of insecurity. Even educated students are being used as a brain slaves to them and giving information all the way.

This terrorist attack just happened in Manchester two days ago had taken away 22 lives and nearly 60 people got injured very badly. This all is taken place in a concert by US pop star Ariana Grande, the militants chose it because there are many people to watch the concert, and so the attack was planned even the security forces are guarding the event. The attack was furious on blasting a bomb that everyone scattered and didn’t know what has happened.

With the TV footages and the people who saw suspected, One person is being taken into custody. the suspected names as Salman Abedi. He is the Brit-born Manchester who had attacked under the guidance of ISIS, he took training whenever his family visited the Syria. This all happened just in a few seconds but the plan was drafted before many days and to be seen that how the Britain government will tackle this and no doubt this is a warning to upcoming attack in Britain that the experts are saying.

Britain government postponed the election campaign and also arranging huge security forces in main cities. But the Manchester attack set all the people into a shock and the Pop star also tweeted “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

condolence to the people who had passed away and the Britain government will no doubt take the high actions.