Telangana RTC towards special buses for city..

Photo courtesy: Rakesh Kothuru

Besides history of the city it became famous for its long lasting traffic problems and various steps to tackle it. It is a daily serial for local guys in the city, now a days police officials had taken innovative steps to tackle the problem and it is in process. RTC is another problem for which the city buses are also driven by RTC and normal services too by them only, the problem here is insufficiency of buses and their services. Beside these all problems the RTC is planning to have special buses to drive in the city to control the traffic.

People in the city are very much excited not for the new movie releases but for the control of traffic. Yes! It is such a big problem for whole city because it is the only place for all comforts and efforts. Economy is generated only from Hyderabad is very much enough for whole state. Such a glorious city is facing many problems like lake cleaning and traffic and recently minor girl marriage racket and many other. Coming to all these problems traffic issues is maintaining consistency and a big challenge for officials. So this initiative by RTC may bring the difference in traffic control for officials. The Khammam buses will reach to the central bus station arranged at MGBS.

These special buses will be sent to the outskirts of the city as the rush is life outside the city area. The charges for special buses will be 50% more than normal services. Hope people will support this initiative because it is for the people comfort. Comfort is main in any aspect regarding traffic issue in the city. The officials had talks with government to start the buses and is in start. Hope the people will enjoy the services as the traffic may decrease its effects to people. Thanks to RTC for starting such services to control traffic problems and these services will be upto AP, Karnataka and Telangana areas.