Telangana culture and beauty glowed at British Parliament…

Telangana is known for its varied beauty and culture and society where we can see pack of people who lives with different talents. Many talented artists and roadside talent kids show their life in the city and gain the attention. Such a packed cultural state created its beauty at Lost rulers British Parliament, by showing their culture and dance and even the beauty of it. For the first time such activity is held at British Parliament and it is because of the World Tourism Day Celebrations. The whole floor sounded with Telangana Folks and the rich culture of people.

The Gond Gussadi dance is first ever performance on UK soil, by Ragasudha Vinjamoori, associate with Sanskruthi centre for cultural excellence. The Sanskruthi association held the event in association with Government of Assam and Tripura, hosted by Bob Blackman. The various cultural dances performed there is Bagurumba of Assam, Pawar dance of Maharashtra, Gond Gussadi and Lambadi of Telangana, and peacock dances. The information may be factual but the thing is that such a huge hospitality is offered by British Parliament and such a huge welcome for Telangana culture is seen there. Upcoming Bathukamma festive is also celebrated there at large number same like last year. Spreading such cultural heritage in other nations increase the country’s pride.

The offering of British Parliament is very surprised and they welcomed the people of Telugu speaking states with such a great feel and responsibility. Radhasudha is the main lead for Telugu dances and encouraged the event. Relay the world tourism day has got its real meaning and it will be at high always whenever the foreigners encourage and welcome all such cultural mixup all the time. Recently last year our MP Kavitha Garu visited the USA and celebrated the Bathukamma festive just not to encourage the Telugu people but to spread the culture all the way in all nations. Really it is such a great pride for state that for the first time our Telugu dances and culture showcased in British Parliament and it will be forever there. Whole hearted thanks for Telangana government for encouraging and spreading our culture beyond boundaries.