Super Cop With Shadow Shield..!

Woman, respectable role in our life. Whatever the position of the home but women think out the creative role to lead it. A strong woman has a faith that she is strong enough for the journey…but a woman of strength has a faith that it is the journey that she will become strong. By initiative of this a dynamic COP had come to prove her strength. Swati Lakra, additional commissioner of police (crimes and SIT), had supervise the Telangana government’s latest initiative to tackle eve teasing in Hyderabad, the SHE police.

Recently she has been selected for the “HUMPHREY” leadership award for her bravery works as a super cop. One individual is selected from 10 countries and 2 names were sent from India. she stated that “I can learn in terms of the innovations that are being done, how they leverage technology and how it can be replicated here.” It is an life time achievement and After completing training in Harvard University they were moved into host city for there shadow jobs.

100 ‘SHE Teams’ are working under the direct supervision of smt. Swati lakra. ‘SHE Teams’ which are already in the field will swing into action immediately after receiving the call in addition to acting on their own. By this SHE team protection almost most of the crimes were under control and crime rate on woman also decreased. As ‘SHE’ turns into 3years for next month she was eagerly waiting to share all her experience and work to the public.

Not only a cop but also a good motivational speaker, inspired many working woman and student whatever is doing there own and exhibiting men and women has the same Constitution rights. Speaking at a seminar on cyber crimes and women safety, organised in co-ordination with Aurora group of colleges, she said that the police had been able to save many women as they came forward seeking police help..

We are there to help you always she said and emboldened the students to be confident and maintain their privacy settings securely in order to avoid any kind of harassment through social media. Also students were suggested to approach the ‘SHE Teams’ in case of any problems.

Swati lakra gave away prizes and certificates to the students who participated in the second anniversary competitions of the SHE teams. Several police officials, teachers and staff of Aurora group of institutions were present.

Awareness programmes will be conducted through out the Hyderabad city to women to come out openly and to inform also to men to know about the consequences of teasing or sexual harassment and stringent laws existing to protect women at open places, on transit, at work places. By SHE teams all girls and women’s are saved thank you so much to Smt. Swati lakra. They are so many girls suffering with sexual harassment, but now girls are saved from all such problems.

Telangana government is committed to safe and secured Hyderabad city for women.