Star India going to have media rights for crazy cricket season IPL for five years…

Photo Credits: BCCI

IPL, the crazy and most hot cricket season in entire globe is to be digitalised and broadcasted by Star India from 2018 upto 5 years. The bid by Star India is ₹16,347 crores and a ₹500 crore different from the bid rated as ₹15,819. Such a huge bidding for such hot and crazy game is because of the the profits and image it creates just in days. The good news is that Star India has won the bidding game and got over the rights of BCCI’s global rights for IPL and ICC, BCCI media rights is going to end in March 2018. The 21st century Fox owned Star India is official media partner for IPL.

It is such a matter where this year the game was bidded by 13 giant bidders and even by the SPN(India) who won the bid for last 10 years for ₹11,050 cr, which is only pertained to India media rights. But now with Star India which out throwed all the bidders and made its way into IPL world which it is going to broadcast all over world. It became the undisputed leader of the pack that had in all 13 eligible bidders, including five major players putting down good numbers for digital rights. Three agencies- Deloitte, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas and SportsMechanics had evaluated the technical bids before financial bids got opened. Star India CEO is saying that the IPL is such a big property and very happy to bring it to the original country where the craze will be at heart of fans. Saying that they don’t want to loose the bid so that they had went beyond magical number. Thanking BCCI for such a transparent process in bidding and making the auction a successful one, CEO ended his happiness.

Talking to the individual who was part of bid said that ” SPN would have been disappointed strictly not for loosing crazy game but in the means of business mind. It held game for ten years and such emotional bond is broken now, but the company has many properties regarding games and other sports in other countries.” Such a great and hot game is very hot now in auction itself and we want to await for the real season to be in action and no doubt that it will be hit and grab profits for the highest bidder i.e star India , which had got it for 1st time. Hope players also be very interested in auction where their team selects them. Though the players are crucial for team but we want to wait to see how the Star India passes its popularity a our IPL popularity all over world. Success is in its 1st bidding and hope success will be for IPL.