Sports reaching bench mark in India

Image credits: Sportscafe

Sports Sports Sports….the common word used for government schools or college students and by some other special schools, but not by private. Topic is about the way the Sports are shaping their path and making many people to get into that. Recently in women’s cricket world cup Indian team made its way to finals and championed many hearts but not the cup. Winning world cup is a matter of hard work which is already done by players but winning hearts is something different. By that win many girls in India interested towards Sports and women’s cricket team too supported for that and frankly speaking they played for that.

Coming to other sports like hockey, badminton, tennis, football, basketball, cricket, wrestling, gymnastics and the rising sport kabaddi which is bringing a lot of hope for many youngsters. Recently football made its way to U-19 FIFA world cup and coming to badminton PV sindhu showed the way for it and in tennis our stars and in cricket everyone. But the old but newly rising sport kabaddi is making its way wonderful by hosting KPL same like IPL. KPL had made its way to success grounds. Likewise our youth too proving it in accepting and welcoming the Sports into their life’s.

The main problem is with the schools and colleges that are not encouraging these sports and even parents are also not concerned about it. Studies are achieved at any way but something must be different in our life’s that is sports and it can be achieved through support. Many youngsters are stepping back beside m because of their parents and I am the one among them. So, I request you people to promote sports and understand the life to be lived by your children. Life beyond studies and something that is to be seen by everyone even by your children. I hope this way of sports saga will be continued in our country and make many people to get into this.