Spiritual oneness is the great gift to every Muslim-Ramadan Month begins

Every religion has their own festivals and their own traditions and sacred books. In India all are equal in terms of religion, it means being secular. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is the most sacred and spiritual month for Muslims all over the world. This month is known as Ramadan starts on May 26th,2017. This month is very sacred to Muslims because on the ninth month of Islamic calendar the believe that the Prophet Mohammad had received a series of Revelation from God which combined to form Quran.

Muslims fast during this sacred month because to show their spirituality towards God and being closer to God. The fact is that Fasting is one of the five key pillars underpinning the Islamic faith. This is to detach from material pleasures and become closer to God. This is the crucial month in which they underpin their core values to the spiritual extent. They will be fasting from sunrise to sunset. They perform prayers and do charitable acts.

Everyone follow the faith in Islam and show their spiritual feeling in God. At end of Ramadan, all the Muslim families will have a big feast with exchanging gifts and have celebrations and day is known as Eid-ul-Fitr.

Following such spiritual oneness is the great gift to every Muslim and may this Ramadan brings full boon to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.