Light for all is on the way.

INDIA is trying to achieve energy sustainability through alternative energy resources known as RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCES like solar, wind, tides etc. At present, in India, it is a very expensive cost for a solar panel to be connected.

But now the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(IIEST) has created INDIA’s first ever smart grid project which will generate power from a renewable source of energy. This project is going to be Inaugurated by INDIAN PRESIDENT PRANAB MUKHERJEE SIR very soon. It is an integrated project along with CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE FOR GREEN ENERGY AND SENSOR SYSTEMS(CEGESS) which will generate for about 32KW of power from solar, wind and vegetable wastes.

This will make very much difference for the rural area people because they are been under darkness for many years having limited hours of power in villages. This will also make INDIA be on International Platform regarding developing of renewable source of energy. This will help many of the innovative youth to develop their own projects of generation of power. Rural areas will be on happy hours because of this and also the cost will decrease for placement of solar panels. This also decreases the non-renewable source of energy like fossil fuels.

So, the youth must be on innovative stance to build many projects for the country’s development.