Social Media-A Game Changer

Social media, mainly FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many are acting as the game changer in many cases. Whatever we post or share is seen by many people, the sharing or posting content may be right or wrong the people react to it. It can be used as boon or bane in any situation. Many politicians’ use social media as a platform for publicity and many leading companies also possess the platform by which they are spreading their products.

Some cases like NIRBHAYA case is the one which changed the approach of social media till then social media is used as a common stage but with that incident, social media engaged many people and evolved as a true judgment for the victims of that case, in fact, it helped a lot in the case. Any viral video is posted in social media it is passed through beyond boundaries of nations. It may be truth or fake news. This indicates that how people are serious about a thing which may be fake or truth but they thought of knowing it to all. Social media can change the thoughts of people by showing the simplest ways of developing through social media. Whenever JIO is introduced only through social media many of the people used it and made MUKESH AMBANI as the game changer.

Social media also enriches one’s talent and also show the opportunities whatever we want. Through this many hidden talented people came into limelight. It may cause bad effects but use in a proper way is important. Many of the technological developments are developed only because of the development of social media because it creates competition among many companies. It also became an important and most effective stage for startups support. Only through social media many of the people are earning their income and also developed their unknown business as leading startups and earning crores of turnovers. Because of social media, many of the government actions and their power is also altered. IT IS REALLY A GAME CHANGER.