Smartphone glass cracks is going to be past memory?!

Photo: Popuparwallpaper

Hey what is this, the screen of my new smartphone has been cracked badly. Does these phones can’t resist the small damage also. Waste of buying this phones…. This is the common thought what we get whenever our phone screen got cracked like a spider web all over screen. The specifications show that the screen is made of Gorilla Glass etc. But whatever the glass may be the screen will be broken down. The material used for the screen is Silicon that which is expensive as well as easily damaged.

But researchers saying that the material that going to come will make the screen damage a past memory.
Claudia Ojeda- Aristizabal from California state University, Long beach who participated in the research stated that the material is made by layering hexagonal boron nitride(h-BN), graphene and C60 which is also known as Bucky-Ball because of its resemblance.

Not only preventing from crack of screen but also highly conductive in nature of electricity. This is useful for fast charging of mobile. As C60 is used in solar power conductivity our phone is charged very fastly. The material has some similar qualities of silicon but has more flexibility, lightening and stability for screen.

This is done with collaboration of Stanford University, Queens University and National institute for material science of Japan. It is going to be the material that make many happy. Be ready for using such material in coming days and then there is no use of tempered glass and other glad features. Innovation doesn’t need necessity but needs the zeal of doing it.