Shoe that gives shock for assaulters and save life…

India is known for its low security levels for women in society. For proving it, people created incidents like Nirbhaya case and many other recent cases. Always Indian people will be pride for our nation as they prove everything nation wants. It is such a shame for us as we worship women as goddesses and there is no basic security for women. Hyderabad is also one of the city that many people fear to walk on roads in night time. Really youth nowadays harass girls who are travelling by city buses and autos, because i am the live victim of such incidents. Students stopped at thinking how to solve this issue and provide a better safe place for our women. But a city based high school graduate named Siddhartha Mandala polished the idea and made a ElectroShoe.


Image Source: Kalamfanclub

There are many apps that give the alert to police and many tricks how to escape from bad men. But this entrepreneur thought differently and applied some physics in his concept and made this shoe, which gives and string electric punch to assaulter and also send an alert to nearby police station. Aspiring entrepreneur says that it is only for women to escape from rape assaulters. This shoe gives the electric shock of 0.1amp and for which he will be kicked off from the area. No doubt that it will be a great boon for women across nation.

The only thing the women must check is that the shoe is equipped with sufficient charging or not. This will be charged on the basis of our number of footsteps and the concept is known as piezoelectric effect. It is such a great innovative idea by our city entrepreneur and the police too must promote and encourage it as it is must for them to protect the women. Women too waiting for such action scene to be done by them. Now a days city is stepping towards some innovative ideas like bus shelters and new urban transport system and many other. This will add a plus point for city security and tourists will be confident for visiting the city from now. Thanks for our city entrepreneur for such security boon for country and no doubt it will be a tool used for decreasing the rape issues and women security issues.