Security Challenges for Security Forces

Some technological developments like security issues in smart gadgets are being a problem to the national security system. Like iPhone security issues are making a problem for the security forces. The locking system in iPhone is highly secured, it sounds good but coming to the security forces scenario it is making them to fed up with this.

The Indian security forces realized this issue while pursuing Lashkar-e-Taliba(LeT) operational commander Abu Dujana. He is believed to be a “skillful gadget freak” always using the cyber technology in attempting the plans. In fact, he is the brain cover in introducing the iPhone as a security for LeT inner circle in Kashmir. In past, this type of security is probed by Blackberry company and now it is the turn of Apple.

This year Valentine’s day our security forces are tried to catch Abu Dujana but he escaped by leaving his iPhone and here starts the issue that our security forces can’t unlock the security of iPhone. They had taken the help of NIA and also many cyber experts but it is not unlocked, this indicates that how much the militants are using this in their planning of attacks. In 1990 security forces felt the problem with the SIM cards that the militants remove their cards that they can’t be traced. With the developing of technology, the security forces overcome that. These new smartphones are having the multiple security options that are using by the robbers and also militants. Even the U.S. security agency can’t open the security lock of iPhone and this made a great challenge to all security forces and the Apple company refused the comply with the court in providing the access to the FBI also. On 2015 in California 14 people got killed by militant and then his iPhone was got by policies but the security lock can’t be unlocked and for this the court asked the Apple company to create a separate software for the investigation department that which makes to access the lock, for this Apple company denied the comply with court.

By this, the security issues developed by Apple are now throwing the challenges for the nation’s security forces. Technology should not be a nation’s destructing technology. “For the Nation” the technology must be in a promising way but not in a problematic way.