Secure your system with Fingerprint

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With the increase in scientific knowledge, technologies are increasing within no time. As a result, there is no protection for privacy in this technologically developed environment. The developers had taken a step in introducing the fingerprint in the smartphones that provide security.

The fingerprint sensor is an electronic device which captures a fingerprint pattern and the captured image is called a live scan which is processed digitally as a bio-metric template which then stores for pattern matching.

This fingerprint works using a light-sensitive microchip like CMOS image sensor that produces an image which the computer analyzes automatically and uses pattern matching. The smartphone manufacturers have understood what the customers actually want and started adding this feature in the smartphones to increase the security as all the data related to personal or business of a particular person is on the phones.

Motorola is the first company to introduce this feature and these days, even a phone which costs less than 10,000 are offering this facility. Let us look forward to the new trends in technologies that work in a simpler and in an efficient way.