Sarahah creating success meets…

Hello, friends after a long gap an interesting article that will make you rush to play store to download the app that is going to be discussed in this article. First of all, let us talk bout the certain cases in which some apps changed our life instances from a visible group of friends to an invisible group of friends i.e, the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp, Twitter the main social media networks that made us technological candidates of the world. How such small apps disturbed or created a new era of human life that too mainly youth. They didn’t change us but we people got involved in them and forgotten many of our responsibilities, even some people made their responsibilities easier by using this social media.

Let us come to our main topic i.e, the success meet app named as SARAHAH. Name itself says that it somewhat related to Arabic side developers. Yes, it is developed by Saudi programmer Zain Al-Abidin Tawfiq. The basic point of this app is to message for different users and expressing your views about them and also knowing about them. Do you remember Orkut testimonials? Same like that but they created some negative review and so not developed among people. In this same app like sites, a friend can post whatever they like about anything even about you. reported last week of July that Sarahah is on top charts in the most popular free download from the iOS app store and second in google play store. The developer is saying that he didn’t expect such a popular response towards his app in such a less time.

Friends lastly saying that we must involve in social media site or apps but they must not dominate us. Apps are created for making success for their business, every app possess ethical motive but the usage demolition is with us. So, use it in a wise manner. Sarahah app is available in both Arabic and English languages.