RX 100

Nowadays many movies are striving to have their mark in Tollywood, even though only some will on the list. But some movies will make mark among audience. RX100 is from such category, it may be winning critiques also but more than that it won audience hearts because of its reality in story and screenplay. Story that starts with intense music where Hero Shiva(Karthikeya) give his wild entry.

        Coming to the real movie the first half shows the changed Hero because of his Lover Indu(Payal Rajput). He will be opposing his lover’s father for not being good to him. Starting with this there enters the flashback which shows the real side of movie. Flashback goes with a cute and romantic love story where the love couple be beyond borders. Hero being with a Gym body the Heroine attract for her body and be with him all the half and the romance will be at its peak. At an instance the love matter knows to his father (Rao Ramesh) and here the unique Twist enters and it changes the whole movie. She will be getting married to other and flows to America where Hero will be beaten by Rao Ramesh. Twist will be revealed in 2nd half. The RX100 bike will be all through a witness for this and so the name but it’s really everything valid.
The movie starts in West Godavari poor boy rich girl love backdrop. In 2nd half the movie will be full of rawness and reality but less intense screenplay. This made the 2nd half totally violent and disturbed, but the interesting point in this half is that is carried the emotions and at a certain point the twist will be revealed in 2nd half by Hero Daddy (Ramki). Hero doesn’t know all these and he keeps waiting for her Indu, but during a climax fight he knows it and here the real side of hero begins and this 10min scene will be fantastic. Heroine will be loving his body but not heart and the response for it by Hero will be emotional rawness.

         Overall the movie is good with every angle audience need, and most importantly the movie is real and it is totally a passionate lustful loving entertainer. Ajay Bhupathi direction is soo good and Chaitan music added flavours to it. If the intense added to the film it would be on another scale what Telugu people waited over time. Actors played their roles very perfectly and no doubt to say that RX100 is the surprise movie of the year and for Karthikeya it will be a good role on his debut.