‘ROBOCOP’ is coming to guard Hyderabad

ROBOCOP… It is somewhat interesting to hear but complex in understanding from making side. Complex because robo is good but Humanoid robo that too a ROBOCOP must be made very professionally and also with all the mandatory requirements for the robo in order not to have any problem with it. It is not the ROBO movie by Shankar but it is a reality to be in Hyderabad in coming days.

Now talking about this is because our great city Hyderabad is going to be the 1st city in the country to have a ROBOCOP going to have in the last month of this year. It is going to guard the Jubilee Hills check post. It will be a six feet tall and highly qualified robo to place in the position. The H-Robotics, the Telangana said that it is the 2nd ROBOCOP in world and 1st in nation. Interesting is that 1st ROBOCOP in world is of Dubai but from French manufacturer, but our ROBOCOP is our own manufacturing.

The features of ROBOCOP are if any object or any vehicle placed for much time at a place then it will inform it to control room. Our friend ROBOCOP can also walk whereas Dubai ROBOCOP only goes on the wheel. Our ones can detect and diffuse bombs too, by Kisshhan PVS, founder of H-Robotics. The point here is not to know the facts and features but the way Hyderabad is showing it’s unique way of developing and allowing all entrepreneurs to work for the welfare of the ​city.

We hope we all wait for our new artificial friend who is designed for our security and hope Hyderabad will ensure it’s quality for a long time​ in the same way.