Road safety for the city

Roads in Hyderabad aren’t matching the traffic conditions. Even though we find good number of flyovers and neither good are under construction but of no use. once if it rains heavily traffic gets struck creating great trouble to the pedestrians and vehicle owners along with this dummy narrow roads may cause damage to vehicles. Hyderabad is the top most in accidents registering large number of accidents occurring in every year on outer ring road areas and other accident prone areas. which causes to lose there life’s, although on the other hand it’s really good sign that the good number of people using three wheelers, two wheelers as well it is the good sign of development but recorded as top polluted city releasing of heavy vehicle wastage gases which causes heavy damage to environment. But It’s all our responsibility to follow traffic rules.

Traffic in Hyderabad now a days is a major problem. Our government is planning to bring “METRO TRAINS” to run in city to reduce the traffic. The next reason for increase the traffic is most of the dividers are broken down in the middle where the people are passing to take U-turn which is causing others to face problems. So to avoid traffic problems we need to close the dividers and maintain different tracks for different vehicles as a separate method for heavy vehicles to enter into the city.

Another Traffic congestion in cities is increasing day by day and roads expansion and no roads constructions have resulted in road traffic accidents. On vehicle parking problem issues along with regular traffic hardships. In this background for those problems to show the solutions as smart. The newest modern knowledge made available. In the parking lot of the two cars mini rotary parking system that can park 11 cars. Wireless traffic signals, Detect parking spaces, mobile applications that make suggestions electronic sensors, all of the advanced tools that check for traffic problems.

Parking is major problem in the city, more cars can be parked in less space. Tedra automotive solution company mini rotary system have been introduced. Just in the parking of 2 cars by mini rotary system we can park 11 cars and just in parking 3 cars we can park 80 cars by tower parking system also they have been introduced.

As a dream every Hyderabadi to see the city clean and green, Government of Telangana taking heavy steps to control all the problems and to overcome the accident, pollution free.