Review Of Android O

First of all, I welcome Android O. Google has recently released a beta version of Android O. I am pretty lucky that I have been able to use this as my mobile is eligible for this beta testing.

It has come up with high expectations but it did not catch me up. I personally feel that it is not that interesting. It looks so dumb when compared with the previous versions. One good thing is that we can check the battery percentage by just sliding down once rather than twice before. The settings menu has become much simplified and easy to access. One bad thing is the notification panel appears in white colour which is so awkward. My mobile does tend to struck a bit after the installation of this but I feel it would be because of the beta version which might contain bugs in it, but still no offense.

Google did not confirm the name for this version but I suspect that it would be named as ‘Oreo’. I hope that my guess would be correct. But, still let us wait and see. Overall, as per my experience, i would rate it 5.5 on a scale of 10.