Ready for power pack entertainers that surprise you..

Tollywood is increasing its capability and quality and even concept in story and movie making. Our people never seen such movies that are released in 2017 and no doubt that each and every movie stealed the fan’s heart. Nowadays directors and writers and keeping much effort in concept and quality of story rather than elevating scenes and stardom. Quality in story makes a great victory is proven by Arjun Reddy and Ninnu Kori as it doesn’t possess any Stardom.

Movies that are creating a goose bumps and interesting in Tollywood are ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ and ‘Spyder’ that are going to release on sep21st and 27th. The movies right now grabbed the audience and fans craze from trailers and songs. The censor report too seems to be very positive for both films. Jai Lava Kusa is three characterised movie starred by Jr.NTR and Spyder a conceptual and societal movie starred by Mahesh Babu. The NTR movie will be on hype because of his unique acting skills and Spyder is such a movie where Murugadoss and Mahesh Babu combo is trusted. Fans are the unique one who create the equal carze for the movie through social media and other sites.

These two movies will be the power pack entertainment movies and along with Sharwanand’s ‘Mahanubhaavudu’ movie on sep29th is also hitting the cinemas which will add some comedy to this fever. Hope this month is going to be the heavy and stardom matters here and moreover the uniqueness in both movies catch the red carpet. Wait for these movies and until then see the buzz that is trolling on these movies and enjoy. This year movies are one part and September month movies are going to be separate path and so wait for fever to be cooled.