Quantum Internet : The dawn of unhackable communication!

Image Credits: HCS

The world is moving at a very fast pace, making the things and our lifestyle more sophisticated. This fact can be applied to the internet development, where tremendous advancements had been made. However the modern day internet which we are using today is more vulnerable to frequent hacks.

There were many attempts made to rectify the technical loopholes and make Internet a safe place to use. However with the passage of time Internet is prone to more susceptibility. This exigency is started to getting faded as the quantum internet is finally taking its fullest shape. Quantum waves will be used here instead of radio waves, which we are using currently.

Many scientists across the world had invested a great deal of time in addition to huge money by the universities and various governments. The hard work is all set to bear a fruit, which can be enjoyed in the near future. It is already known fact that, China had already launched a Quantum Communications satellite last year named “Micius”. They succeeded to a larger extent in transferring data from ground to space and vice versa through quantum network. They are also ambitious of developing a full level quantum internet between the cities of Shanghai-Beijing. This great developments had signalled the world about the feasibility of quantum internet in today’s world.

The novel feature of Quantum internetI(QI) is its intrinsic robust security. Many researchers firmly believe that any message sent through Quantum internet(QI) is unhackable. This is because unlike in our current internet, in Quantum internet an encrypted message and its keys will be sent to the end user at different times. If any operator tries to hack it, the message will be destroyed automatically alerting the sender and receiver. On a whole Quantum internet is going to be a revolutionary change in the domain of internet benefitting many users across the world.