Pubs in Hyderabad to be with new rules…

Hyderabad is famous for its pub culture and night culture by the youth of the city. Mainly speaking about the recently revealed drug racket in Hyderabad posed many questions on minors. The city is famous for its culture and the following of the culture by maximum youth. The incidents like Drug rocket and the recent 17year old girl death has made the officials to keep new rules in pubs of Hyderabad.

Officials asked the pub members to ensure that the customers to show their Aadhar card for proving the age. Already a law for bar and wines that not to allow students age below 21 years. But this new rules is different because the pub members has daily customers and they will not be likely to have such rules, but the rules are for a reason and it is must and should to follow. Officials also asked the members to note down the separate record for the customers and mainly for minors if allowed. There must also be a limit for alcohol quantity to be served for customers. The government also tied up with Ola and Uber for taking the customers safely if they are over drunk.

The rules are the base for the cases like drug racket and other issues. So the city will be clean and very attentive towards the issues from this time. Total 14 city pubs that are at high rate have been issued warning by the officials and also said not to deal with drugs.

Hope the city will be in safe.