Pocket Ventilator for patients give anytime oxygen…

Image Credits: A-SET Training & Research Institute

Many hospitals are lack of ventilation, not totally but at minimal level. In Gorakhpur incident many children died because of lack of oxygen. How come such incident will be faded away in just 2-3 days in news. No one thought of solution and just hided it in dark, because it will be great problem to state CM. No startup has been seen till now on providing oxygen to patients using technology that too in easy way. Many patients are increasing their diseases in hospital just because of improper ventilation. Talking about problem is common and finding a logical solution is innovation.

Here in this problem the innovation taken its place by Deepak Agarwal, AIIMS professor in neurosurgery. He along with his friend who is robotics researcher and heads A-SET robotics developed the innovative pocket fitted portable ventilator which is operated by Android app. How come such portable ventilator is developed by these guys and this will create a great belief in medicos for their patients. There are many hospitals lack of ventilation and some people doesn’t bare costs and regret the ventilation room and finally lead to death. In AIIMS itself in neurosurgery department they had lost 10-15 patients because of improper ventilation. This is such a sad thing that is going with Indian hospitals.

Patients will expect correct treatment in certain hospitals and however the cost of treatment in India is such a high rated one. And so people opt for no-ventilation zone and thus it creates additional problems. Even many people are even not admitted in hospital just because they can’t bear the charges and so lakhs of people are dying in rural areas and it is known fact to all.

This portable ventilator will be available for less than ₹15,000/- and it is now in work with some patients. The basic ventilator is ₹2.5L in market. This is great boon for patients and hope for increase in life expectancy. Doctors are treated as God and hospital as second temple by Indian people and so now by this type of innovations this belief will be be constant. Hope such innovative thing will protect life’s of people in coming days and hope hospitals will be packed with this technology and save life of needs.