Pedalling every corner for safety by cops

Since my childhood I had been seeing police cars and bikes for patrolling the city. But a different thought which is environment and people friendly Bicycle patrolling is taking out by Hyderabad cops. Really Hyderabad cops are the innovators of many a things in cop field.

The idea is not only for maintaining environment but also a definite and every corner support for people. Reaching every corner in Hyderabad is really a hard thing even using bike and so it is bicycle time. The idea is drawn for reaching slum areas and consulting the problems of people there. This also makes people to say their problems easily at a definite time. It is at present operating only in Panjagutta police station and soon in every station in Hyderabad.

The facilities that come up with this bicycle are a basket in which police dairy and walkie talkie and a water bottle is present. GPS tracker is fixed for the bicycle to reach every corner. This makes a fast communication in crowd and traffic situations and also for increasing the contact and trust with people. The pollution free, cost-effective measure will see cops on the field from 9 am to 6 pm with their duties to include crime scene protection, surveillance, collection of intelligence, community policing, assisting investigation officers, coordination with Blue Colts and patrol cars, checking on known offenders and also installation of the Nenu Saitham CCTV cameras.

Whatever be the thing our Hyderabad police officials are on their way for innovation with safety for people. Hope this will definitely increase the trust among people on officials. Such initiatives must be present in every city in our country for a better safety and trust.