Paradise food courts very soon in Warangal, Vijayawada and Guntur

Photo Credits: Telangana Today

Hey, Rahul, I want to eat Biryani yaar. Where will you take me for such a great spicy Biryani…Is the question by many Biryani lovers, then the fast reply is Paradise…the place from which the tasty biryani we all have. It is fond of Biryani that we all eat with such a great feel. We all know that Paradise is the biggest restaurant present in many cities of the country. Right from small children to old age people all have the great pleasure of eating Biryani.

All of you are thinking why I am talking like this, nothing friends our favorite Biryani master Paradise bringing us the new Open food courts in many neighborhood places of Hyderabad. Very soon the people in Warangal are going to taste the Open food courts by Paradise. Two more outlets are going to be placed in Vijayawada and Guntur, said by Gautam Gupta, CEO, Paradise Food Court Pvt.Ltd.

Till now 20 outlets in many cities and thinking about dragging it to some parts of Kolkata and Gurgaon. Here on Tuesday one outlet has been restarted at NTR Gardens in Hyderabad and focusing on southern parts of Hyderabad.

Coming to the delivery it delivers about 10,000 Biryani a day, 7000 in Hyderabad alone. After Hyderabad, Banglore is the second most famous city in Paradise food court delivery. Coming to the Paradise Biryani it is once again going to steal the Biryani fans across the country by such an innovative start. They also going to partnering with Railways and TSRTC for deliveries.

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