Outrage on fuel prices!

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As a layman, it’s easy to understand that international crude oil prices are going down, but the prices in our country India are either constant or increasing by a few rupees from time to time. Before we jump to conclusions, we should know as to what factors and in what conditions, we’re unable to decrease the prices.

If we’re having a huge debt to the international oil companies, as we get to learn over many websites and social media platforms, it’s but natural for our country, to first clear the dues rather than directly decreasing the prices.

On the other hand, I also strongly feel that some relief should be given to common man. Though seldom, we get to see, the prices do go down marginally. But at the end of the day, what really a matter is – In our country, are we developing the core strength and immunity of our economy or not. Because, you cannot simply celebrate lower prices when we’re having outstanding amount to the international crude oil companies. The reason for saying so is, there was a news that due to healthy and growing international ties of India with other countries, the interest part on the outstanding dues have been waived off by the relevant nations we transacted with. Now, this made me think twice that how easy it is to jump to conclusions or take things out of proportion not knowing the inside details.

It’s been learnt that the oil prices in other countries are very less compared to that of India. So, it becomes imperative as to what factors made it to remain constant or surge in our country, despite, there is a change in the per barrel crude oil prices internationally. There’s no benchmark or threshold that this should be the maximum price per liter for Petrol/ diesel in India. From time to time, the ruling governments enjoyed liberty to increase it plus kept constant when there was a decrease. For instance, during the regime of previous government, how much subsidy was given and what were the international prices needs to be studied. Accordingly, this can help us know as to why the current government has not been able to do what a common man wants it, though at times prices have come down by a few bucks. Governments come and go but the transition needs to be smooth, transparent and agile.

At times, I strongly feel that a team of think tankers should be made to conduct a thorough research, in tandem with the concern official authorities and CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General), as to the subsidy given on fuel prices earlier was it good step or just to woo the people while at the same time keeping the nation in dark by giving subsidy and putting a dent to the national exchequer is not appreciable.

It’s easy to play a blame game in politics but somewhere factual reports should come out, and come out clean. Because, people who’ve chosen the government would eventually question as to why there’s been so much kerfuffle when it comes to the oil prices. I’m not being biased to any sort of politics but, when one claims, that there are huge holes in our nation’s pocket, a timely report at regular intervals through relevant media channels, needs to be brought forward so that a common man has some idea about it.

At the same time, now that this topic has always been an alien’s concept always surrounded with national outrage, we should think of other alternatives and out of the box methods such as sharing the rides, usage of public transport, walking and/ or cycling for shorter distances and etc. to name a few.

By doing this, we also contribute towards clean and green, and hygienic environment for obvious reasons and also helps in decreasing numerous pollution and health problems. Remember, charity should start from home, and should start from you.