Our Own Desi Navigation System That Gives More Accuracy.

On one day I was walking on the road along with my friend, he asked me “Janardhan where is the hotel we are searching for?” then I said that it is here somewhere, ok we will find it in our maps using GPS location. Is it not we all are using the GPS system for locating the places where we want to go. Yes. Does anyone think of why we are using foreign navigation system instead of having our own ones? No, we are very comfortable with the foreign technology only always. Even from daily watching Tv to Mobile all are foreign products. Even I am on that list. But our scientists thought of having it because during KARGIL WAR India asked America to help with their GPS system then America refused to do so, then the instance our scientists thought of having our own system.

In that research the system we developed is NAVIC(NAVIGATION WITH INDIA CONSTELLATION) it means sailor in Hindi. USA is regulating the GPS very wider with 24satellites and India is regulating NAVIC with 7satellites that can navigate accurately only around India. Recently the 7th satellite had been sent into space through IRNSS. The GPS has an accuracy of about 20-30 meters and NAVIC has 5meters of distance covering capability, but the point is that than compared to GPS, NAVIC positioning is accurate, that is why it sounds good. This is capable on any navigating area it may be terrestrial, marine, aerial it works most accurately. The officials are doing accuracy test and it mostly possible by NAVIC and it is going to be launched next year. India is now one among the countries having their own Navigation system like Russia, Japan, USA, England etc,

Here the point is that India thought of their citizens and the security of their own nation and developed it. NAVIC is expert in identifying disaster management, fleet management, voice and vehicle tracking etc, It covers till Indian Ocean, Malaysia, some parts of China.

Hope it will be coming next year and be ready to use our own desi navigation system that gives more accuracy.