One Crore women to get ‘Bathukamma Sarees’

Minister for IT and municipal administration k.Taraka Rama rao has instructed the officials to ensure that Bathukamma Sarees are distributed among women in all districts.

The minister held a meeting in office here on Sarees distribution scheme and instructed that the officials make advance arrangements avoiding inconvenience. The scheme helped the weavers community as well as giving happiness to the women on the occasion of Dasara festival, the minister noted.

“Bathukamma sarees will be distributed to the women in all districts to mark Dasara festival” he said. The government is giving full co-operation to weavers and handloom sector with all subsides and financial assistance.

Nizamabad MP and Telangana jagruthi president kalavakuntla kavitha literated that she would strive to make Bathukamma festival known as to the whole world. Bathukamma is the tradition of Telangana women. She said she would try to persuade Telanganites living abroad to also celebrate the festival in their places, thus, helping the festival go global.

She took part in the maiden official programme of Bathukamma held at the district sport authority mini stadium here. Hundreds of women from the city and around Nizamabad took place in the celebrations. Protecting, spreading the culture & tradition by introducing many events among the people with the importance of it.