Now Google assists you to assess your depression levels !!

World’s giant super engine “Google” is now offering new services to its users to assess their depression levels. According to its reports there had been steady surge in the number of people searching for health related advice on Google. In order to cater their needs swiftly and efficiently Google from past many years had spent huge sums on developing the search results related to health and wellness. It already reported last year that it is partnering with a firm, which aimed at turning our smartphones into medical devices.

In order to provide tests for assessing the depression levels, it partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), USA. Now if a user googles “Depression”, there will be a result at the top of the page offering him a 9-questionnaire test. The user will be notified whether he is in a state of depression or not at the end of the test.

This new initiative may come handy to many people to test their state of mind with a simple click. According to some estimates, every year nearly 10 million people in India alone are falling victim to depression. However many people are unable to identify it, since the symptoms cannot be identified by the victim or people around him at an early stage. It fully takes control of the victim’s brain only after 6 years.

This test is fully reliable since it is being offered by a renowned institute. However the user must keep in mind it can be used only to assess but the victim must visit a doctor for cure.