Nizamabad to make Telangana much cleaner…

Future Telangana must be clean and green is the word given by KCR for their people. In this way the Nizamabad district is standing first for becoming ODF area by October 2nd i.e open defecation free area. The fulfillment of the target i.e constructing 99,454 Individual Sanitary Lavatories (ISL). Bodhan and Armoor towns are already declared as ODF and the district headquarter towns are going to have ODF status by September 27.

It is all done because of the extensive campaign lead by every tier of government in the district. State government also helped by sanctioning 12,000 for each ISL and now achieved such a feat. Attaining the ODF status is task and even tougher one is that making Nizamabad like district as ODF is great because changing people is tough and is done by the officials. Each and every local government bodies monitored the work in the district. Thanks to KCR gaaru for making the districts of Telangana a clean and green ones and for encouraging the people to follow the dream of India. Hope every place in both Telugu states will achieve the scheme theme in coming days by successful policies.

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