“NINNU KORI” Heartfull of emotion.

The movie just released on 7th of this month and the question arises from my friend that how was the movie? What an enthusiastic people we are, we just can’t wait for a clean review because the movie had created such a curious among all audience even me. The movie is nothing but “NINNU KORI” cast by Nani, Aadhi Pinisetty and Niveda Thomas.

The movie for which all the review sites gave the same review i.e, emotional drama and the one who watches the movie will be taken back to their loving memories. Yeah, it is absolutely right because it is such a movie in which actors like Nani acted in such an emotional play will obviously make the audience to feel the role. Here not the same bore review session but an idea to you is the movie is taken with a feel towards love and love towards our audience. We must reach the film and feel the movie in which it has been presented. This movie is one such movie I had experienced and I will definitely watch the movie and encourage such acting oriented movies because our TFI needs it.