Newton for the 90th Oscar nominations…

Indian movies are always making their way into the genuine stories and stealing many hearts. Many stories that attracted many minds and even world class people but got flopped. Such movies are always encouraged by the Internationally prided forum Oscar awards, it is the stage where genuinity wins always and encourage the hard work and talent. In 2016 Oscar nominations Visaranai movie nominated from Indian movie that which proved to be absolute genuine and mind-blowing story format.

This year same theme continued and the story always comes first to prove its success. For the 90th Oscar nominations from Indian movies is achieved by Bollywood political satire movie NEWTON directed by Amit Masurkar and Cast by Rajkummar Rao, by Film federation of India announced yesterday. Such a great Honor to the Indian films that such a political movies too occupied the seat in the bench mark lists. The interesting point is that it is the unanimous choice for the Film Federation headed by producer C V Reddy. Out of 26 entries NEWTON has been selected as unanimous movie for this year. The film members are saying that the honest films will always make their path into such great forums and also the movie already bagged the positive talk.

It is such a great period for Indian movies that every movie in every wood is having their unique story line and stealing the audience hearts. I hope it will continue in same theme and fire and take the pride of Indian movies to greater heights same as that of Bahubali done this year.