New Ransomware “eternal rocks” coming after “Wannacry”

Image Source: Doniacomputer

At present many countries are being affected by the ‘Wannacry’ Ransomware malicious virus that had been hacked by the shadow brokers and this is being performed on the Windows systems that are not being updated and still using older versions. This had attacked nearly 150 countries and demanded money in form of bitcoin crypto currency. Mainly UK health hospitals are being affected and the data was hacked by it and demanded $300 for all the systems and for this a loophole is present and so that some of it’s affecting has been controlled. The Microsoft had released the security updates to be safe from this.

Now a new report said that a new Ransomware named as “eternal rocks” is going to hit the systems, report given by the NSA and it is also performed by the help of Ransomware malicious software and this is performed on the basis of using the NSA tool named as eternal blue. This is going to hit all the windows systems same like wannacry but it doesn’t steal your data or stop the system but at any time it can ‘weaponize’ the systems infected. This is also working with help of other NSA tools like an eternal champion, eternal romance etc, The eternal rocks is stronger than wannacry and it doesn’t possess any loophole and it is just a wave of warning, because the terror in cyber created by wannacry is still not recovered and wannacry made many countries helpless across the globe.

Over 48,000 attempts were made by the wannacry on Indian enterprises which comprises of 60% in enterprises and 40% of individual customers and cyber security issues. So be aware of the upcoming malware that is more stronger than the earlier. Do not use the expired versions of Windows. Upgrade to the new one and follow the security updates of Microsoft.