ndia towards high usage of renewable resources for better energy…

Big problem globally is usage of fossil fuels at extreme level by all nations that which is creating the loss for earth. Every single nation is using fossil fuels for generating energy and no one showed interest in usage of renewable resources for energy generation. Until Climate change occurred and International climate forum formed no country thought of it and after knowing the effects they cried and realised and made frame works. Works are very interesting to frame but very tough to do and is the same thing done by climate change form members i.e by every nation. Recently USA dropped form Paris climate change work. Usage of renewable resources is really a great task taken up by many nations and already many nations started it and even electric vehicles to made by Leading companies.

Coming to the point many nations Shared the extent of using fossil fuels and they didn’t stop using it, because habit is very tough to regret. As we all know that the India will be always first in every innovative idea like peace keeping all over globe and encouraging usage of renewable resources. India too followed the word by making policies by arranging solar panels for everyone at Indian price standards. Many business people supported for work irrespective of profit because making a tie with their business company is itself a profit to them. From recently surveyed data it is known that INDIA stood in first place for generating energy from renewable resources by generating 10.2 billion units in June. This data includes electricity generated using wind power, solar, tides, biomass and some other units.

The recently generated energy is 26%more than in June 2016 and 17% more than in may 2017. It is such a great results that which shows the usage and dedication of India toward better energy and better future. Total power generated in India is 13,652MW in last two fiscal years, stats may be done but doing is the matter and that is what here. India will follow every step for tackling the climate change issue and will be in front for better future.