Navaratri brought a new joy for all women across nation…

There are many festivals in our nation as ours is a diversified nation with varied people. Coming to the national wide festivals many are on the list, frankly speaking that India has festival for almost every month. This year and mainly this autumn season is for the big festival named as Dussehra and is followed by 9days famously known as Navaratri, this year started from sep21st-sep29th. This festival is celebrated for Mother Goddess Durga Devi and she is worshipped for all the 9days by women’s in all our houses. Durga Devi gives all the boon for the ladies during the festival. The main attraction of the festival is the decoration of 9 different Durga Devi idols for every day. Starting with Bala Tripura sundari Avathaara and ended with Rajarajeshwari Devi alankaara. All the 9 avatars had their own divine meaning in Indian culture.

This festival is celebrated on the ocassion of killing the bad in society by the Durga Devi. On this ocassion many people go through fasting and known as jaagaram. The Mysore is the city where this festive is celebrated very grandly with full pride. Across nation this is celebrated with various names and in south side knwon as Dussera and the main temples are Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple and Hyderabad peddamma thalli temple are among the famous temples. The famous avatara of the 9 avatars is Saraswati Devi Avatar on Mula Nakshatram. All types of people like women’s and students and even all over family wait for this Avatar as it gives education boon for students. Worshipping the Goddess with such full of divine bhakti nature is really great and is followed by people with such feeling.

Hope this year also the Durga Devi festival is followed by people correctly and with pure heart. Cleaning home and the God Patam in home is also very important in this festival. Hyderabad peddamma thalli temple is offering prayers to all the avatars and also people are feeling very lucky to see Durga Devi Avatar and hoping to have boon this year. Hope government also take careful steps in main cities that nothing wrong must be taken place. The added point in Telangana for this festival is Bathukamma festival is also on the grounds and the women’s in Telangana are having a full divine and spiritual chants everywhere.